Why Movies Can’t Be Shot In My Home

Veteran actress Jock Silva has said that she couldn’t shoot a movie at her home because of the sheer number of people needed to make a movie.

She also repeatedly stressed the importance of having a studio and soundstage in Nollywood.

Speaking at a recent youth development forum called The Roundtable Lekki, Silva said: “Right now we’re filming in apartments. But, I’m not allowed to film in my house; it’s not going to happen.

I know the number of people who were brought into the shoot. There may be two people in a scene, but if you want to shoot, there will be about 20 people. That means 20 people will put their hands on my wall, plug the toilet, and do other things.

We need to build our studios and soundstages, like American filmmaker Tyler Perry did. He built one of the largest sound stages in the world. The problem with soundstages is that there are usually facades. I once shot a film in France, but all the interior shots were shot in London, England.

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All we did in France were location shoots to create the vibe of that country. The soundstage provides a kind of control. It allows people to make movies at the speed they want. “

The esteemed actress added that streaming platforms make it easy for filmmakers to showcase their work.

She said, “Streaming platforms have made it easier for producers to showcase their work. Technology has done that for us. In terms of film distribution, there are so many opportunities now. Streaming platforms help us connect with global audiences.”

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