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Nigerian skit producer Michael Charles (popularly known as “OGB Lately”) was recently burglarized at an entertainment show in Kogi state.

His phone was stolen at the event, and the organizers had to make an official announcement on stage.

At the same event, singer Portable jumped into the crowd during a performance and was stripped of his clothes, mobile phone and jewelry.

In a widely circulated video, the announcer said the OGB had recently offered half a million naira to the thief or anyone who returned the phone to him.

Event organizers asked attendees why they were stealing “the cultist’s phone,” while saying they could track the device.

He warned that it would be very disastrous for the person if they tracked down and caught the perpetrator before he or she returned it.

See clip:

Meanwhile, there were earlier reports that a Nigerian woman named Doris Kendris single-handedly captured and tied up a thief who broke into her mom’s shop at night.

She revealed that she was able to tie him up and decided to wait until the next morning before taking action.

The young photographer shared photos of the suspected thief, who was tied up with a rope and damaged part of the store door as he tried to enter the store.

Doris, who calls herself Wonder Woman, posted an update about her being taken by neighbors hours later.

She wrote; “OMG I just caught a thief stealing from my mom’s shop. Long story short I tied him up and waited for dawn.”

Doris added; “Update. Now people are awake and he’s been taken. I’m fine. (You can call me Wonder Woman shaa 😕)”

Tweet @DerealEkpenyong Recommended; give him food, he looks hungry.

But she replied: “I won’t give him any food. Gives me stress and keeps me up at night. Why didn’t he come right”

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