Why You Should Prioritise Comedy In Your Life

Nowadays, people take life to seriously. They forget to smile, take it all and just have a good time. Think about how wrapped up you can get in your career. You can be so focused on getting through your workload, progressing to the next stage and trying to get that promotion that you forget to reward yourself. The world is fast-paced and you have to make the conscious effort to slow down and smell the roses.

Ask yourself this question. When was the last time you laughed and enjoyed some comedy? If you do not know the answer to this question and cannot remember, it is about time you prioritised comedy in your life. There are so many great reasons why you should do this. Let’s take a look.

Relieves Stress

Do you feel like your career dominates your life? Sometimes, this can make you feel incredibly stressed. You are always thinking about your work and this takes a toll on your mental and physical health. Stress is something you want to avoid since it can lower your immune system and make you more at risk from things like anxiety and depression.

But, how can you relieve stress? Well, comedy is a fantastic way to do this. Through things like stand-up comedy shows, you are going to be laughing. This is going to lower your stress response, which means your heart rate is going down and your blood pressure comes down too. When you have less stress, you have fewer worries. consequently, you can feel much better.

Have you never been to a comedy show before? Comedy Carnival is the perfect comedy club to attend. There is Friday night comedy in London you can enjoy, which allows you to laugh and socialise with friends. Of course, you can relieve your stress and realise that there is more to life than your career. You have to remember to have fun.

Makes You Happy

Lowering stress is important. But, you also want to feel happy. Well, this is something that comedy can help with too. In particular, when you are laughing, this is a good way to take in more oxygen. This is going to help your body and as a result, there is going to be an increase in endorphins. These endorphins then make you feel good, which can allow you to feel content and happy.

What’s more, there are many people that say the physical act of smiling allows you to feel happy too. So, you are going to be smiling when you are having fun during a comedy show. This effect can last after you leave the comedy club too. After all, there can be jokes that you still find funny days later.

Therefore, if you are feeling down and want to improve your mood, consider going to a comedy show. This is a good way to laugh and feel happy. Indeed, you can feel less anxious in that moment, plus there are some say it helps with depression.

A Welcomed Distraction

Are you bad at overthinking? Is this something that affects your mood and anxiety? When you have thoughts racing through your head, it can definitely affect how you feel. You know you need to stop overthinking but you might find it hard to distract yourself from something that is worrying you. Well, this is where comedy comes in again.

A comedy show can be something for you to look forward to. You can focus on going to the comedy, then you can get lost in the show. You are able to listen to someone else’s life and realise that you can laugh. While this can be at someone’s expense, at least this is harmless and you are distracted. You can forget about your troubles for a moment and be present. This can help you a lot and you can leave the show reenergised. 

Relatable Scenarios

Do you ever feel like you are unlucky and only bad things seem to happen to you? Do not worry, this is quite common. Indeed, you should know that life can be unfair sometimes and things can backfire on you. But, it is good to laugh and not take life too seriously. Indeed, it can be easy to forget this sometimes and you can get caught up in everything.  Then, your mental health can snowball.

This is another reason why you should prioritise comedy in your life. Not only is this an opportunity to laugh, but it is also a scenario when you are able to relate to someone else. Often, stand-up comedians share the misfortunes and funny things that have happened to them. You can laugh along with them and relate to what they have gone through. Indeed, it can make you feel better and you know you are not alone in life.

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