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Wife Publicly Confronts Bus Driver Husband For Wasting His Daily Income On Betting, Stir Reactions » Ngnews247

A Ghanaian woman has been caught on video confronting her husband, who drives commercial buses for a living.

She accosts him at his place of work after he loses his entire sports betting revenue and leaves their family starving.

The woman making the scene refuses to let her man load passengers onto the bus and go about his day job.

According to Atinka, she accused him of being a useless husband who was so addicted to sports betting that he lost all the money he earned from his job.

In a video posted online, she can be seen standing in front of his bus, trying to stop him from driving away.

People tried to reassure her, but it only seemed to irritate her, as she rushed to passengers trying to get on the bus and told them to go elsewhere.

Watch the video below:

In response, florages wrote; Stay away from unemployed women who are totally dependent on you…


Aussie; this drama outside is not an option, don’t just depend on men, work for yourself too

Anyone; ladies take it easy 😂😂.He invests in youth empowerment

i._alpha; Say no to gambling 🙏

prosperchinoyerem; a woman does not have a suitable job to support her husband

elikem_the_gossip; ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh my husband is so stupid

Ernest Chavey; Eeii this economy and pressure… even priests take the bet 😂🤣🤣

jerrysagedecorideas; las las.. no, a woman would be ashamed.. her stupid performance and actions will never change a man. Understand and make your home work.

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