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Yemi Cregx Speaks On Relationships In Biggie House » Ngnews247

Yemi Cregx, the former roommate of Big Brother Titans, talked about his relationship with Khosi and Blue Aiva in the house.

The 30-year-old actor was ejected from the show along with Nelisa, Olivia and Juicy Jay on Sunday after receiving the lowest votes from viewers.

In a post-match Q&A with fans, the reality star said only someone in his situation could understand “how the game is played”.

He added that he did what was necessary under the circumstances and he played his game.

“Honestly, people are entitled to their opinion,” he said.

“Unless you actually wear them, you’ll never be able to wear my shoes. If you’re not in the situation I’m in, you’ll never be able to understand how the game is played.

“A lot of people just go around saying things they don’t understand. I believe I did what I had to do, I played my game and that’s it.”

Yemi Cregx and Khosi started a relationship less than 24 hours after the reality show started.

He was also seen flirting with Blue Aiva while also promising her a relationship with him.

During a live eviction show on Sunday, host Ebuka yelled at Cregx for his constant flirting.

However, the reality star has denied the allegations.

BBTitans is a fusion of Nigerian and South African versions of the Big Brother series.


The show premiered on January 15. Will end April 2, 2023.

The winner is expected to receive a $100,000 grand prize.

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