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Adeyinka Okeleye Olanrewaju (Yinka Okeleye) is a dynamic and radical worship priest from Abekuta, Ogun State, Nigeria, born into a family of four. He studied Sociology and Applied Anthropology at IWO Bowen University and is currently doing a Masters in Criminology.

His music career just started not so long ago; doing quite a bit of backstage work for some gospel artists and organizing concerts at different levels. He is currently working as Music Director at Gwarimpa Estate Faith chapel RCCG in Abuja. Yinka Okeleye is also a choir member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) District and National Youth Choir.

Yinka Okeleye also works as a civil servant in Abuja.

Who is Yinka Okeleye?

1. So Yinka, please introduce yourself in your own words.

Thank you Nancy for having me, I am honored and humbled.
So my name is Adeyinka olanrewaju Okeleye from Ogun State Nigeria, the second child of a family of 4, 3 boys and a girl (last born). Graduated from Bowen University in Iwo Jima where I studied Sociology and Anthropology. I love Jesus, I love to sing and I am here ready to spread his good news❤

2. What would you say about your music, are you a gospel artist, how did it start?

So I could always sing but never really seriously too early but it all started when I was serving at NCCF in Eboni Nigeria I started loving the ministry and music was a way for me to spread the love of God He will draw people to Himself, so I joined the team and started hearing clearly that this is the part of God that He wants me to follow.

3. Why choose gospel music instead of secular music?

Our goal is not just to put out songs but songs that bring us closer to God, inspire, strengthen the spiritual man, reveal his nature, draw us back to Abba, as the scriptures in Matthew 28 vs19-21 Say, therefore, go and teach all nations, and baptize them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit: Verse 20 says, Teach them to obey all that I have commanded you: Behold, I am with thee forever , even at the end of the world. Amen.
Spreading his good news, music is an important tool he gave me.

4. Can you share more light on why you are a Christian and why you should give their life to Christ?

I am a child of God is the best thing that has ever happened to me and is still happening, imagine a dark room and suddenly a light appears or is illuminated, this is my story, confused for so long, angry for so long, Haven’t thought for so long, but met the jack-of-all-trades, jack-of-all-trades, “In him is life; in him is life; and life is the light of men. Light shines in darkness; darkness understands not it.” John 1:4 -5 Now it seems we all get it, but without him we would still be in obscurity, darkness and confusion. So knowing Jesus and walking with him is fulfilling and only getting better, so I say EVERYONE ,knowing God is also continuous, so those who don’t know him, those who are always confused, have no idea, worry, he is the answer to all these questions, so just accept him and I will start the journey of living a full life.

5. What would you say inspires you to make music?


The Holy Spirit is my number one inspiration, it’s evident in my writing, I’m really not one to say ok let me write a song, the Holy Spirit breathes those words with words, and secondly so, parable of talent, 5, 2,, we know the story 5 is his double, 2 is his double, one is his burial, I’ve always had a talent for singing so who better to sing than someone I love Instead of life itself, my mother also sang and I grew up listening to her songs. My family also gave tremendous support, first human support.

6. Of all your songs, which one is your favourite?

😂😂😂😂😂😂 Well, I love all my songs lol, to be honest, I have about 8 more in the works. They are like your children, you can’t pick one, different moments and how they come, chukwumonso from holy spirit in Igbo language, I still find it hard to explain none of them co-written by oche like yours, jesus comes Already when I’m mentally burdened, the next one will be released in June, in my quiet time on May 29th, so much, there’s a story behind it..

7. Have you ever sat down and listened to your music

Wow. I would, like I’m my first criticism, so I’d listen to myself, first to improve myself, and I’d pick some parts that I could have done better, or I might have sung some parts, and sometimes I Will listen to some recordings, I’m lucky, I’m in tears and makes me wonder how God cares so much about me entrusting me with some of his voices born through me. So I often listen to my own voice.

8. Who do you want to cooperate with in the future?

I have some collaborations I’m doing in the pipeline but I’d love to do some international collaborations with Todd dulaney, Matt redman, William McDowell and indeginous Nathaniel bassey (trumpet) dunsin oyekan, NOSA and more.

9. Apart from music, what other specialties do you have?

😂 😂 😂 Well I’m actually pretty good at sports, if I wasn’t so into music I might be a sports person.

10. What would you say are your strengths and weaknesses in your music career?

Well.. I think what keeps strength forever is constantly being with the father and getting from him because human beings are sometimes fresh is weak but we have to learn to overcome the flesh and strengthen our spirit if your spirit strengthens him Continue to lead you, for He traded your weakness for His strength. We can never win with freshness, so without him, everything is weak… We should not be carried away by fame, name and stage.

12. Finally, what would be your most important piece of advice to someone who one day wants to be a gospel artist like you?

OK! So we need to know that the Gospel always precedes the artist, the artist is a vessel, must be a consecrated vessel, broken, ready for the master, and when he sees you worthy, there will be a voice overflowing, Before that you have to improve your skills by learning his words, improve your own voice, an artist is someone with a certain level of creativity and mastery, so you also have to improve yourself, when the opportunity meets prepare for success is inevitable. God bless.

It was a fantastic time interviewing Yinka, thank you again for doing this interview. God bless you. Alright folks, that’s what Celebrity World has in store for you this week, don’t forget to join us in celebrating another celebrity next time. Remember to always keep clean, stay safe and God bless you. I love you. goodbye….

Is Yinka Okeleye Married?

Wedding bells are ringing for talented gospel singers Yinka Okeleye and Sunmisola Agbebi.

Yinka Okeleye proposes to his joint minister in an intimate ceremony, and Sunmisola says yes.

The worship singer shared the exciting news on his Instagram. In the video, the caption reads, “The love of my life says yes 😭❤️ Thank you so much God for going through the journey of life with you I love you AYOMIDE ❤️❤️”


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