Yohane the Parhelion: Sunshine in the Mirror Episode 1 Review

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Sunshine Lion Juhani: Sunshine in the Mirror is the official English localization translation Night Feather of Illusion: Sunshine in the Mirror.

Basic Information:


“No one knows the story of the girl that everyone knows.” Numazu is a beautiful port town surrounded by mountains and sea. Yohane is a girl who struggled to fit in her surroundings from a young age, avoiding people in the city every day. What I want to do, what I really want to do, is to walk in the mysterious world you are familiar with with a girl who can’t be honest. Another sun just appeared.

Our main character, Yohane, is made up of Kobayashi Aika, Except for Ye Yu, he has almost no animation dubbing experience, She has voiced the character since 2015.

episode 1: start song


This episode starts with our main character, Yohane (also known as Yoshiko Tsushima, I believe), telling us that “the world is a song”, that happiness, sadness, etc. can be conveyed through songs. The world looks fantastic. She closes the analogy by saying that she and the cast are “a new song.”

Our main character!

We switch to a modern day Japanese city where the main character is auditioning for some sort of singing role. Seemingly doing well, the judges asked her what her future plans were. She said she hopes to fill the venue and perform at the “dome” — wherever it is. Her audacity didn’t go over well, and the judges ended up letting her down and leaving her bewildered.

Yohane Sunshine in the Mirror Episode 1 Review 0008 Yohane Fails
Yohane’s reaction to being rejected

We had a long conversation with Yohane and her mother on the phone. Yohane turns 16 today, and it’s been two years since she left home to try and “make it” as a performer in the city, with no results. In fact, her mother has been supporting her financially, and Yohane has not been able to find part-time work, resulting in financial constraints.

Yohane Sunshine in the Mirror Episode 1 Review 0007 Yohane Phone
Yohane admitted to her mother that she only performed a total of 48 hours in public during her two years in the city

Yohane’s mom suggested that she should go home and try to succeed there. Ye Yu didn’t really want to go, but he was sure he wanted to go home—to a small town called Numazu.

Sunshine Yohane Sunshine in the Mirror Episode 1 Review 0006 Yohane
Yohani is home

Upon her return home, she is greeted by Lylaps, an ancient talking pet that looks like a large dog. Yohani and Lailaps spent some time walking around her hometown, but she didn’t seem too keen on meeting her old friends.

Yohane the parhelion Sunshine in the Mirror Episode 1 Review 0005 Introduction to Lyraps

During their walk, Yohane runs into her childhood friend Kunikida Hanamaru. She seemed a little unmoved, and just returned the flyer that Hanamaru dropped to her.

Sunshine in the Mirage Shishi Yayu Mirror Episode 1 Review 0004 Introduction by Hanamaru
Kunikida Hanamaru

Amid all this, there’s a strange fog in the forest that seems to be disrupting the town’s electronics, but no one seems to be paying much attention to it.

Yohane Sunshine in the Mirror Episode 1 Review 0003 Dark Fog
dark fog

Next, Lyraps took Yohane to a large stump in the forest, which turned out to be where Yohane performed as a young man. Seeing the stump again brought back so many memories.

Yohane the parhelion Sunshine in the Mirror Episode 1 Review 0001 Stump
tree stump

Hanamaru appears and convinces Yohane to perform on the stump again. So Yohane sang a song that felt like a short music video.

Yohane Sunshine in the Mirror Episode 1 Review 0002 Yohane Forest Lylaps
Yohane’s reaction to Hanamaru

After the forest trip, they went home. On the way, Lyraps mentioned that Hanamaru seemed very satisfied with Yohane’s performance. Yohane brushes off the comment, pretending it doesn’t matter to her, but Lyraps can see it means a lot.

Yohane Sunshine in the Mirror Episode 1 Review 0000 Hanamaru Smile
Hanamaru is very satisfied with Yohane’s performance

Back home, Ye Yu began to worry that she might be too cold for Hanamaru. But Lylaps reassures her that everything is probably fine and that she has done nothing wrong.


Overall this episode was a lot of fun. This was my first foray into “Love Live!”, so I wasn’t as satisfied as others with seeing the characters presented on screen.

From the series alone, the art style is appealing, but it reminds me a lot raging Characters often appear to be two-dimensional. Yohane is so confident that despite the good life in her hometown, she seems to hate her for no reason.

I wish we had more characterizations of Hanamaru and a deeper understanding of what makes Yohane dislike her, or feel awkward approaching her.

What do you guys think of this first episode? Let us know in the comments!

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