Young Lady Cries Out After Eye Lashes She Fixed Nearly Made Her Go Blind (Video)

A Nigerian woman has shared on social media how she almost went blind after fixing her eyelashes.

She shared a video of her eyelashes starting to irritate her eyes hours after she got them done.

Her eyes were swollen and tears began to fall. Also, the sclera (the white part of the eye) turns blood red.

She thought it would go away on its own after a while, but that didn’t happen and it got worse. Her man can be seen comforting her and wiping tears from the corners of her eyes with a tissue.

However, when she realized it could damage her eyes, she ended up going to a hospital where they had to do tests and start treatment. As part of her treatment, her left eye had to be shaded.

Watch the clip below:

Read the review…

bbcollectionsbytee; they must have fixed it on her skin. Please all lash artists should isolate properly and use the correct glue and never stop learning because omo working on someone’s eyes is a delicate thing and should not be played with. Thank God we never had a problem like this God has been faithful n I never try to stop learning ways to improve 🙏🙏

allaboutonyi_; This happened to my friend! ! !She went to the salon down the street to get her eyelashes done and the next day her eyes were swollen omo had to go to the hospital and even started treatment and it took a long time for her eyes to return to normal omo before I went to the story sinamnachomma I was never for mine Eyelashes

peacey_sammy; the first time the same thing happened to me, and the only time an artist used me to learn to work. I’m almost blind. It sucks to get it out with that glue, we’re like rocks. Thank God I didn’t have to be hospitalized.

The aesthetics of cilia; how she removes the eyelashes from her eyes.You are always advised not to pull your lashes because it is fixed to your natural lashes, so you remove them with force and the results are terrible
All these people go to incompetent lash technicians who come and make noise and when you go to the cheap place to fix it you don’t say anything oh

_lov_issabella; Private hospitals make your injuries look the biggest 😂😂

lulusmooth; and you’re still wearing the other side, aunty you’re not ready yet. I’m praying that eye contact doesn’t have that effect on me because it’s the only thing I can’t live without all week.

Your Prince Charming 01; her boyfriend should come into heaven for me to see men laughing 😂😂💔

dereera_b; One thing you should know about eyelash growth serums is that some people are allergic to a specific agent in the adhesive (cyanoacrylate). All glues used for eyelash extensions contain this substance, but the percentage may vary. As a lash technician and stylist, I make sure to know if my clients are allergic to any of the products I use, which is key to avoiding stories like these. Eyelash extensions shouldn’t stress you out unless it’s applied poorly.

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