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Young Lady Vows Never To Shoot Her Shot Again After Being Rejected By Her Crush (Photos) » Ngnews247

A Nigerian lady musters up the courage to woo a man she has feelings for, only to have him reject her with the same lines she deployed.

The young woman, named Temi, shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation between the two of them in which she tried to say some pretty lines but it backfired.

She uses style to find out if her crush, Ayo, has a girlfriend, but his answers suggest he’s single.

The conversation took place on March 13th, so Temi tried to use that as a conversation starter, noting that she was excited for today, March 14th.

“It’s almost March 14th, can I be your 1 4?” she wrote, but Ayo turned her down with the same lines.

Temi shared the DM with the caption: “If I shoot again make me bend over 💔😭😭”

See below:


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