Young Man Who Traveled To Calabar To Search For True Love Gives Update

A young man who traveled to Calabar to find love three weeks ago gave feedback on the progress so far.

Ngnews247 reported that the digital marketer traveled from Lagos to Cross River State with the sole purpose of finding women who could fall in love with big butts.

The man, known on Twitter as @kayzywizzzy, shared a screenshot of a chat he had with a friend who suggested he should leave his city

He had cried to his friends that he was tired of being single and he wasn’t sure if he could find love in Lagos State.

The content promoter said he needed a beautiful lady with a slim body and a big butt, and his buddies told him that no matter what his size was, she could be found in Calabar.

@kayzywizzzy decided to fly to Cross River the next day and start looking for the woman of his dreams

He shared a picture of him at the Calabar entrance and captioned the post: “Chasing my dream ✈️”

On May 17, he said on his Twitter page that the Calabar girls made him realize they had no love to give but they could offer him their butts

man lover

However, Kay Wizzy added that he turned down their enticing offer.

He shared a selfie of himself with two curvy ladies by his side, writing; “Update. Calabar girls say they have no real love to give me Only Big bum bum.”

I reject both of them and like you guys say go find true love next to akwa ibom, I go to Tavel in all states to find true love

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